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Bryan Burns maintains an active private studio with students of various levels and ages.


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Teaching Philosophy ~


In the study of guitar, it is crucial to follow an organized system of pedagogy to achieve successful results. My curriculum aims to provide the essential fundamentals of technique within the context of developing musicianship. To this end, it is imperative to incorporate solmization into each and every technical/musical exercise. The importance of singing the guitar repertoire during study is one of the most frequently addressed issues in master classes today. Although I have heard many pedagogues advocate this practice, I have yet to hear a sufficient explanation regarding its efficacy. Experience has taught me that the consistent application of solmization to every voice of a composition yields limitless benefits. Singing every line of a musical work independently exposes the melodic and harmonic architecture with which the music was rendered. This practice also develops crucial skills of musicianship and interpretation while simultaneously nurturing a deeper understanding of any composition. It is only through singing the notes that instrumentalists can physically experience the intervallic distances between melodic pitches, a palpable sensation that has a tremendous impact on our natural expression of musical gestures and phrases. In addition, the ability to sing musical works, with or without the instrument, contributes to a level of musical internalization that develops security and confidence. For these reasons, Solmization is a crucial aspect of instrumental pedagogy. If we are to achieve a respectable fluency in music, we must be able to sing everything we play and play everything we sing.


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